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They love forests!

Par Jawad MSSASSI, publié le lundi 6 mars 2017 14:08 - Mis à jour le lundi 1 mai 2017 11:16

Name : Deer

Description : Deer have large ears, short tails, and long, slender legs. On each foot they have two small and two large hooves. Deer usually have smooth, brown fur. White  areas often cover the chest and throat. Some types have a shaggy coat, especially in the cold seasons.The smallest deer, the South American pudu, is about 12 inches (30 centimeters) tall at the shoulder. Deer shed their antlers and grow a new set each year.

Classification : mammal

Diet  : Deer eat grass, twigs, and bark.

Habitat  : Deer are native to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and northern Africa. People have brought them to Australia, New Zealand, and other areas. Deer live in a wide variety of places, including forests, swamps, deserts, and tundras. Most deer live in small family groups .

Other details : Female deer usually give birth to one or two young.

*Slender:mince /*Swamp:marais/*Throat:gorge/*Shoulder:épaule/*Antlers :bois



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